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Mask Straps & Skins

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NEW 'Tombstone' LE Universal Mask Straps - Make Your Pick

In Stock

NEW 'Tombstone' LE Universal Mask Straps - Make Your Pick

Limited to only 25 Pieces Each 

V2 Flying Skulls - Fade Background (SOLD OUT) 

V1 Flying Skulls - Traditional Background  (Bottom One)

V2 Snakestripe - Top One 

V1 Snakestripe - Bottom One (SOLD OUT)

9 inch Mask Strap - HT, I4, Vio, KLR

Compatible with All Masks - Depending on what mask & clip system used modification or application will vary

*When choosing the models below the options correspond with photo from top down. V2 & then V1 - top to bottom on both styles* If you are the final 5 to purchase there will be a 14 day turnaround. We are waiting on the final 5 out of 25 to be sent to our facility. 

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